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Cycling along the "Vallée du Célé"Welcome to our website! This site is about our cycling adventure to the southwest of France in the fall of 2002. We loved our trip so much, we decided to put up this site to share our photos, share our stories and hopefully inspire fellow cyclists to visit this stunning part of France. Enchanting medieval towns, quiet back roads, breathtaking landscapes, friendly people, and of course, great food and wine await you in this beautiful country. We have traveled in many areas of France by bike: Normandy, Brittany, Loire Valley, Alsace, Provence, The Alps, Corsica and Paris. In our humble opinion, there is no better way to see France then on the seat of your bike, with a baguette and fine bottle of wine strapped to your panniers. 

Our trip was an 18-day tour of the Southwest, encompassing the regions of Perigord and Quercy. We cycled along the beautiful Dordogne, Vézère, Lot and Célé rivers. The months of September and October are an excellent time to bike tour in this region. The fall colors, grape harvests and cooler temperatures made the cycling very enjoyable and we avoided the hordes of tourists who flock here during the summer months. With the exception of the huge thunderstorm we experienced in Bordeaux the first day, the rest of the trip brought nothing but sunny, clear skies. We cycled 11 out of the 18 days covering 660km, staying at campgrounds and budget hotels along the way. It was a fantastic tour and we highly recommend it to anyone.  

Why Cycle Touring?

The slow pace of cycle touring allows you to truly see and appreciate a country. You have the opportunity to see small villages and meet local people that you would otherwise not experience. Imagine riding along the banks of a gentle flowing river, with fairytale castles in the distance, visiting medieval towns and lunching on fresh bread, great cheese and some of the best wine in the world.  Most tours can be tailored to fit all levels of fitness; you don’t have to be an athlete to enjoy riding your bike along the French countryside. By touring on a bike, your vacation becomes an adventure; you experience the real country, not just the tourist sites. Fresh air, exercise, beautiful scenery and let’s not forget guilt-free indulging. Bike touring is the way to go.

About Us

We live in Vancouver, Canada and are outdoorsy types. We love traveling and adventure. Our travels have taken us to many different parts of the world, from trekking in the Himalayas to white-water rafting in the wild rivers of New Zealand. We began cycle touring in 2000, when we decided to quit our jobs, pack our bags and travel for a year. Part of our travels on our hiatus was a three-month cycling trip, which started in Scotland and ended 6000km later in Greece. We have been hooked ever since. We generally take a leisurely pace, although we have been known to be extreme on occasion (cycling over 100km in a day is not out of the ordinary). On this trip we averaged about 60km a day.

Traveling for us is learning about and appreciating other cultures, meeting people and experiencing a different way of life. It offers a unique opportunity to learn about the rest of the world and to learn more about yourself. The lessons learnt and memories we have gained will always be with us. The adventure is always the first destination.


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